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H-1B update Part II

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Thanks to the people at, here’s Lou Dobbs report  (Friday-  June 23, 2006) on the H-1B visa crisis, including a segment of Programmers Guild founder John Miano testifying before the U.S. Congress.

 Links to the two GAO reports are also provided

  CNN Lou Dobbs - video:
Ten Years of Weak Oversight of H1-B Program Costs Americans Good Paying Jobs  The war on our middle-class continues unabated.
[More information: The GAO actually issued two reports about the H1-B program, which you can download here.

 H-1B Visa Program: Labor Could Improve Its Oversight and Increase Information Sharing with Homeland Security


H-1B Visa Program: More Oversight by Labor Can Improve Compliance with Program Requirements. ]

 But if you have the time you can  review the full Judiciary Committee testimony:  It is even more interesting, although quite long -   More than  one hour!

also see:
Some H-1B workers underpaid, federal auditors say
High Tech Immigrants Threaten Black Jobs
Tech Worker Group Files Complaints Over H-1B Job Ads
H-1B Only' Job Ad Posters Accused of Discrimination
Programmers Guild Sues H-1B Employers
300 employers refuse to employ Americans in IT jobs, and the Programmers Guild is steamed about it
The Bottom of the Pay Scale
Wages for H-1B Computer Programmers
Potential Rise In H-1B Visas Augurs More IT Job Competition, Bigger Talent Pool   -By John Roberts
and  if  H-1B computer programmers  are underpaid   could it also be that  (foreign H-1B) engineering professionals are also  underpaid????   and are H-1B  holding down  wages?????  What is the impact to American Engineering  Professionals  ?
suggested reading:

Tau Beta Pi Association


Compete American Workers: An Alliance against Government of, by, and for the Corporations


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