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Re: RE: Sections or Details

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Just as a survey on a similar thread here....

How many of you label your details/give them a title? I make no designation between section or detail (Some places I have worked for gave "Sections" a detail LETTER that were cut from plans, and give "Details" a NUMBER which are references within Sections or Schedules). I don't really care about naming them in this sense... all my details or sections are assigned a NUMBER.

But what I do, is I give each detail a description. I arrange my details on a sheet with a border around the detail, and use a 2-line detail description. There is a horizontal line that terminates on the right with a circle that has the detail number inside. Above and below the line, I then place a description of what the detail example would be:

"Perimeter Shearwall section at Upper floor" on top line
"Joist Perpendicular to wall" on the lower line.

I find that this is a useful thing for me and contractors, since I often do not like to clutter up my plans with callouts for every single similar condition, so it allows them to read where it's appropriate and cuts down on flipping back and forth between plans and details.

Another place I worked for, would reference in the detail, each instance it would occur on the plans, so sometimes you would have Detail "1 / S1.1. S1.2, S1.3 S.4 etc... on the bottom half of the detail circlewhich seemed to waste space to me because it overflowed out of the circle, but I guess is useful for tracking.


On 7/15/06, bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) <bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) > wrote:
I disagree.  Just because your detailed section cut makes sense to you does NOT mean the guy in the field can make sense of it.  There are many details, and particularly on the structural sheets, where without some clue or a lot of study, its difficult to know if the detail is in plan or section.  To me, communication to the field is extremely important. Its the reason the drawings exist.  The more information you can provide, the better. A simple title that states categorically what one is looking at, ( e.g. "Plan Detail at Column") is not too much to ask, IMO.

I actually take this a step further in my drawings and categorize the details based on the location of the reference to the detail and then cross-reference every detail to the sheet from which it came.



You are correct – I don't seea need for the titles. Nevertheless, I think that the concepts arehelpful in organizing the presentation of a structure. Starting on thePlan, there are conditions that occur along an extent that are best indicatedon the Plan with a Section Cut. In the Sections, assemblies occur atintervals – construction of those assemblies can be explained in the Details,often requiring more than one view. In addition, there will be structuralassemblies that occur at isolated locations in Plan – often whereSections intersect; these are Details to be called out on the Plan. Theusual flow or sequence for preparing the structural presentation is: Plan toSections to Details.

Nels Roselund, SE
South San Gabriel, CA
From: John Riley[mailto:jpriley485(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, July 14, 2006 10:38 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: RE: Sections or Details

I've often wondered why we have to designate them as details orsections. I avoid it if they are cut on plan. And if they arereferred to in a note it can say, "See 3/S4", without saying whetherits a detail or section. But if it's a standard detail or section, likethrough an elevator pit, I label it "Standard Section Through ElevatorPit."

John Riley

Nels Roselund <njineer(--nospam--at)> wrote:

My Sections show a condition that extendssome distance on the Plan, such as the intersection of a roof and a wall.My Details show how to construct a structural Assembly.

Most Sections will refer to Details; forexample, the assembly of components for construction a wall anchor that hasbeen drawn schematically in the Section will be shown in the Detail.

A Section is a single view. A Detailmay have several views in order to clarify how the components are to beassembled.

Nels Roselund, SE
South San Gabriel, CA
From: Sklar, Mitch[mailto:mitch.sklar(--nospam--at)]
Sent: Friday, July 14, 20066:01 AM
To: seaint(--nospam--at)
Subject: Sections or Details


What is the proper title to be used forstructural sections and details sheets? I normally refer to my typical asdetails and my specific cuts tied into the plan as sections. Opinions?

Mitchell JSklar, PE, MBA
Structural Engineer

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