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Re: big dig structural failure - epoxy anchors overhead supporting gravity

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From: Christopher Wright <chrisw(--nospam--at)>

I wonder how much of the discussion we've had in this thread is a repeat of discussions in the various 'big dig' structural engineering offices when the project was being put together.

We don't know what the workplace situation was there. So we don't know if such discussions did occur, or if they were greatly discouraged by the powers that be a.k.a the Challenger space shuttle incident, the quashed opinions of some low level NASA scientists that did not agree with certain high level political power philosophies, and the employment at will doctrine. The more money and political power that's involved, the more likely that these are some of the important underlying issues.

I also wonder if any of those engineers might be lurking on this list thinking, 'Where the hell were they when we were designing these anchorages?'

No need to wonder, just assume that they are. And some of us probably wanted to work for them, but they chose not to employ us. If they want to respond to claify our concerns and correct our speculations, they can. But their lawyers probably have a gag rule on them.

Nevertheless, they (and those powers that be) should be more worried about how what we are discussing may represent what a rational jury might think. But remember, our motivation is different than a jury. We discuss this mainly because we want to understand what hapenned so we don't do it. Unfortunately, our major problem is that we may not have all the facts and may not ever be allowed to know all the facts.

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