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Epoxy Anchors - Boston Tunnel

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Title: Epoxy Anchors - Boston Tunnel

The use of epoxy anchors for overhead applications is an interesting one. I did a design on retrofit pipe hangers on a bridge here in Washington State a couple of years ago and was going to use undercut anchors for an overhead installation, but was told by the highway department to change them to epoxy anchors. I never could figure out why they would think epoxy is superior.

I also was looking up the ICBO/ICC test report for some Hilti anchors recently, and in one case anyway (ER-5193) noted that the City of Los Angeles and downgraded the allowable load values considerably for these epoxy anchors, particularly for the larger diameters and deeper embedments. I dont know what that was based on, but it would be interesting to find out.

I have a lot of faith in post-installed anchors if they are properly installed and inspected, but have my own horror stories which have included going on the completed job and being able to spin an anchor in the hole with my fingers. These things really need rigorous special inspection when they are in critical locations.

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