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OT: was big dig structural failure - epoxy anchors overhead supporting gravity

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well, the university i went to had research using Shake Laboratories,
where they did the full scale modelling of structures.  i believe many
of the guys getting their phds in the research laboratories, are
usually the guys that have worked in the field and know what is needed
in new codes, and what are the new ideas to approach.  These are some
of the research topics, however, like where i did my master's studies,
my thesis work was more aerospace related, so I suppose it depends on
the realm of research topics.

i enjoy knowing more about connections like RCS connections.  These
are rare in the field, yet are valuable and fairly newly studies
subjects.  to be able to approach a problem that is difficult will
take some outside the box thinking.  some engineers with only
bachelors will have that capability, however, many will not.  and it
will depend on the expertise in the company to demonstrate new ideas.

on the other hand, perhaps some subjects are studied very deeply, but
leave some subjects that appear rather minute (like this overhead
anchor) behind, without enough thought.

i would agree, it is not necessarily the codes, but the amount of
research and backup knowledge that goes behind use of new materials
and methods.  experience the hard way is not as nice as experience
through research and knowledge,  even though it may make many people
much more aware.

i am sure there are many an experienced engineer who still do not
understand plastic analysis the way young engineers do, just as there
are many who use strictly ASD vs. LRFD.  and there are always new ways
of looking at designs such as performance based design which is fairly

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