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Re: Long pipeline seismic design

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Ideally, you would need to develop a soil-structure interaction model to perform dynamic analysis using multiple-support excitations generated based on outcrop motions for a given epicenter, direction,  the type of fault rupture, and the distance to the project site.  Any competent geotechnical earthquake engineer experienced in seismicity of the region and the advanced numerical analysis can perform SFSI for you, and provide you with force and displacement demands in the pipe and its connections. The engineering demands such as forces and deformations can be compared to their capacities, which should be kept essentially elastic, unless a specially ductile connection is utilized. You can probably make some conservative assumption and use a simplified approach using multimode spectral analysis to estimate the demands.    
Majid Sarraf, P.E., P.Eng., Ph.D.
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Subject: Long pipeline seismic design

I have to design the structural supports for a 10 mile fuel pipeline. The pipeline will be on sleepers above ground. Due the traveling of the seismic waves, it is possible to have relative displacements between two points if they have enough separation compared with the wavelength. What is the criteria for the structural design? Who is supposed to give the parameters for structural design, the geologist or the geotechnical engineer? What codes apply here?

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