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Re: Pdf to dwg converter

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Actually, the typical set of book plans includes the option for "reproducibles" which normally include the right to make changes, with the limitation that the derivative set can only be used to build one house. They are often provided (at an increased fee, of course) so that you can take them to your architect to have changes made. I've found that most of these designs are rarely complete, and some are of questionable engineering accuracy. I recently got a 17,000SF "starter castle" (I kid you not - that's the subheading on the web site) which had 10 foot walls with multiple 3' wide windows which had a single 2x4 SPF king stud between them. Most of the oversized set was filled with elevations - interior primarily - with almost no framing included, despite significant complexity.


Polhemus, Bill wrote:


Every 'canned' set of plans I've ever seen has a copyright notice on it,
and some verbiage about the copyright holder not allowing adaptation,
etc. I'm not an expert on copyright law, but it seems to me that if
you've bought the plans and want to adapt them for your OWN USE, rather
than to reuse or resell, that would come under "fair use." Just be aware
of the implications.

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