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Re: PDF to DWG Converter - Thanks Vish

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On Jul 18, 2006, at 5:46 AM, Sunil Thengale wrote:

I had a problem of drawing a wavy corrugated shape Roofing Profile in short time. I just took a sample of the profile, sketched it onto an A0 size paper, scanned it into PDF file and then converted into DXF... DWG

Not to rain on the parade, but how much of this is copyright violation? For example if a competing firm were to to take someone's design and copy it as you've stated and put in his own title block would the original engineer have any recourse? At what point is a design considered a creative work that's protected by intellectual property laws?

Copying engineered details was a big thread at several points in the past. Has anything changed? Looks to me like the conversion makes hash out of all the re-use provisions for engineering drawings. Once I've got all your K-mart drawings all I need to do is send them offshore and I've got a brand new design ready for a plan stamper.
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