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RE: Footing Overturning in Rock

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Check with DIWIDAG, they have galvanized threadbar that you could use. I
have done alot using their product and non-shrink grout installed into
an oversized hole drilled in the rock (ie. 2 - 2.5" core hole for 1 1/4"
bar. For horizontal applications, we wrap the bar with the grout tube
before it is installed - this chairs the bar in the hole and allows you
to get the grout all the way in.  It is good to have the contractor
monitor the volume of grout put into each anchor, I have had situations
where the grout has flowed endlessly into fissures in the rock.


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Subject: Footing Overturning in Rock

I'm working on the design of a simple spread footing bearing on rock.
The overturning moment due to wind is large requiring a large footing to
meet the 0.6*D + 1.0*W load combination.  I was wondering about possible
techniques for engaging the rock to help resist overturning and uplift.
Is it feasible to anchor into the rock to do this?  Are there other
methods to utilize the dead weight of the rock to help resist


Thanks for your help.




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