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Re: "Code Approval" (was big dig structural failure - epoxy anchors overhead supporting gravity)

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I have taken the BBQ at the end to be an exhaspirative emphasis, without the actual meaning. I suspect it stems from, and parodies, the LMAO (laughing my @ss off), abbreviation which has expanded to dozens of variations, as in ROTFLMAOAPIMP (rolling on the floor...and __ in my pants). The urbandictionary seems to agree.

And, hey, what's with that "recently" qualifier. ;-)


Paul Feather wrote:

Well said Jordan, your posts have been right on track on a number of
subjects recently.

By the way, what is OMGWTFBBQ?  I got as far as F with my own
interpretation.....maybe through the first B...can you say that in

Paul Feather PE, SE

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