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Re: OT: Where To Go In San Francisco ??

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On Jul 19, 2006, at 9:17 AM, Caldwell, Stan wrote:

I am flying out to San Francisco tomorrow on ASCE Business.  Starting early Friday morning, I can look forward to three straight days of meetings.  The only scheduled fun will be a group dinner on Saturday night on Forbes Island, the "world's only man-made floating island".  However, I arrive early Thursday afternoon, so that is my only other chance to play.  Where should I go?  What should I do?  What restaurants do you recommend?

Don't drive in town--you'll make yourself crazy. Public transit there is the best. If you can't get there on the Muni, you can probably get along without going. A transit pass is a good deal. You don't have to carry change, and if you screw up and get on the wrong bus or train, just turn around and come back. From where you're staying you can ride the California St cable car (C line) to town with the pass as much as you want. The first time you'll feel like a tourist, but notice that locals ride the cable cars, too. When you get your pass, get a Transit map--it's the best guide to getting around there is. If you want to feel really cool, take BART from the airport to the Van Ness station and take a short cab ride to your digs at Pine Street.

Restaurants are a non-issue, and depend a lot on your taste and how adventuresome you are. For my money the best ones are in the neighborhoods, but you'll need local advice. If you like Italian North Beach is the place: C line to town and walk north a 6-8 blocks along Montgomery to Broadway. I really like The Stinking Rose (allusion to garlic) but there are Plenty of others just walk around a little 'til you see someplace cozy. Chinatown is a good place for Dim Sum--I like the New Asia. Downtown is littered with good restaurants. I can't even begin to start naming. Take the C line to Davis and walk over to the Ferry building for plenty of good stuff of all kinds--some have table service, some don't. You can also walk a little way south along the Embarcadero, for more good restaurants and bars.

What to do depends on what you like to do. I think the new Asian art museum is wicked cool--not just a ccollection of stuff, but a lot about the culture. Fisherman's Wharf is touristy and not far from North Beach, or you can take the F line street car from Market Street. Some decent restaurants there. The Maritime Museum (north of Fishermman's Wharf) is very interesting, particularly all the ships that are tied up near there. You can tour an old Liberty ship and a WWII-era diesel sub along with a lot of older ships. The engine room of the Liberty ship is a marvel. For engineering interest it's hard to beat a walk across the Golden Gate bridge to see the construction up close. All the anti-suicide signs ('There's still hope--make the call') and emergency phones are a bit of a bummer, but the view is unbelievable. Sunset is perfect.

That ought to give you enough to pick from.

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