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Wind loading at overhangs

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i don't recall the 94 ubc, but the 97 should have a table of values
for Cq (I believe this is the right one, could be Cp). the overhang
value is somewhere around 3 i believe.  normal enclosed walls are
around 1.3 or 0.8 for windward and 0.5 for leeward.
use the value specified for overhangs.  perhaps it is closer to 2.6, i
don't know off the top of my head.  it will be a total value of
windward and leeward, it is specific for overhangs in the table.  for
the height of the building, that should come in at your qz and qh

you may find my excel files useful.
you can adapt it for 94 ubc, although it is suited for asce 7-02. follow the links to free structural software.
i am hoping to get people interested in collaborating in simple
software development.  so if anyone is interested, please email, and i
can give you the password for working directly on the wiki.


On 7/19/06, Terangue Gillham <tiger(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I'd like to get some opinions on the following issue:

I am calculating the design wind pressure for a three story house that has a
roofed veranda jutting out of one side at the first floor, using the 1994
UBC.  I am inclined to consider the roof to be an overhang discontinuity, so
that I get positive pressure as well as negative pressure, which is
resulting in some pretty heft uplift considering that the veranda roof
sticks out 8 feet.

It would seem to me that wind hitting the building would generate both
suction and postive pressure upward, but I woudl like to hear if anyone has
a different take on this.



Terangue *Tiger* Gillham, PE
GK2, Inc.

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