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Re: FEMA-350 and 2001 CBC

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on a quick page through the CBC after having gone through the FEMA 350,
I came upon a section where CBC only allows prequalified connections like RBS.
Also, in ASCE 7-02, IBC 2003 for that matter, depending on the Seismic Design Criteria,
there is a table that will tell you permitted structures in the SDC region.  If you are in a Zone
4, SDC D or E, then that table would tell you OMF's are not permitted.  There are some allowances
depending on height of structure, and weight of roof.
Perhaps this doesn't help, but it might keep you looking.

On 7/21/06, Gary Grinstead <Gary.Grinstead(--nospam--at)> wrote:
A question for those practicing in California.  Is there anything within
the California Building Code that would require the engineer to design
his moment frame connections using the FEMA-350 guidelines?  I'm
reviewing a project where the engineer has OMF frames that he basically
has designed as pre-Northridge.  I typically use RBS connections for my
frames but I cannot find backing for not permitting his design.

Gary Grinstead
Plancheck Engineer
City of Stockton
(209) 937-5097

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