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Re: FEMA-350 and 2001 CBC

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There are substantial penalties on OMFs in the steel section of the CBC (in addition to a 8.5/4.5 = 1.89 penalty simply based on R values).  They are identified in 2211.5 (Section 7. for LRFD) and 2213.6 (ASD).
These sections essentially allow OMFs with 1) joints conforming to SMF standards, 2) joints designed to omega times the seismic force or, 3) joints shown to possess ductility by testing.  The intent is to get the joints to perform like SMF joints.  Its unlikely that a frame designed as "pre-Northridge" (which 2 above is the closest description of) will meet the specified requirements as the larger forces specified in 2) above will usually kill the design.  I believe there are height limitations also, but those are unlikely to control with the typical buildings I've seen in the Stockton area.
Bill Cain, S.E.
Berkeley CA
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Subject: FEMA-350 and 2001 CBC

A question for those practicing in California.  Is there anything within
the California Building Code that would require the engineer to design
his moment frame connections using the FEMA-350 guidelines?  I'm
reviewing a project where the engineer has OMF frames that he basically
has designed as pre-Northridge.  I typically use RBS connections for my
frames but I cannot find backing for not permitting his design.

Gary Grinstead
Plancheck Engineer
City of Stockton
(209) 937-5097

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