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Re: Manhole cap

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I have Roark's book but there are no examples of square or rectangular plates with holes in them. The closest is circular plates which are used a lot for washers, springs,trunnions, etc. You might consider a circle which would cover or slightly overlap your square. If you want to try one, I can fax or e-mail you the appropriate case--let me know. Also, there is a company called Arcon (Arkon?) Engineering which sells various software solutions at reasonable prices. One of them is the round plate with a round hole in the centre, with various loads. I didn't buy that one but looked at the demo. The three I bought were $40 each, several years ago.

Joseph R. Grill wrote:
is there anyone out there with a Roarks (spelling?) that might cover a square plate with a hole in the center?

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    O.K. Guys and Gals,

    Please be patient while I try to explain. And please understand
    that I am not a bridge engineer and no bridge engineers in the
    office. I have been stuck with this little problem.

    I have to do a design for a cast-in-place manhole. The manhole
    plan dimensions are 5 ft square (clear dimension at the interior).
    I have a cast-in-place top slab which has a 24” manhole frame and
    lid centered in the slab. I am assuming that I have to use the
    AASHTO loading and, where I am confused, the AASHTO load factors.
    I have a copy of the 16^th edition of AASHTO. The slab, so far,
    has been designated as 9” thick, with a “d” depth of 7”.

    I think I have only to look at AASHTO “Load Factor Design Group
    IA” which has a gamma=1.3, beta d=1.0 (for flexural members) and
    an (L+I)n=2.2. Go ahead and tell me if I am wrong with this so far.

    Since the slab span (assuming one-way because of the 24” hole in
    the middle) is about 5 ft. I have calculated an impact factor of 1.3.

    Here is where I really start getting confused.

    Is the factored live load 1.3x2.2(16x1.3)=59.5kips (using a 16kip
    wheel load, HS20-44)? Wow, that’s 3.7 times the service load. I
    get a wheel imprint of 8”x20”.

    With this information, I have placed the wheel imprint at a corner
    of the slab (“d” dist. From the two faces). For beam shear I get a
    “b” length of 20+8+(3x7”)=49” giving me an allowable shear
    phi*Vn=32.5 kips using 4000 psi concrete. I think shear is a
    problem, but my boss ( a civil guy) will say that he has seen many
    manhole caps like this out there.

    This is just the shear question of the problem. The flexural
    questions I have yet to get to. Basically compounded due to the
    hole in the center.

    Hope this all makes sense.



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