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RE: Engineering Spec

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It is actually the second time you have agreed with Bill in the last couple of weeks! What's next? A Kennedy marrying a repulican? Sounds like something from an Arnold movie!

Reza Dashti
Vancouver, BC

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Subject: RE: Engineering Spec
Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2006 09:39:21 -0500

I think Bill is correct.

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Subject: RE: Engineering Spec

What is the context? Are you working for a metal building manufacturer?

My first impression would be that it means not to have a non-prismatic
portion at the end of the beam (at the connection).

For example, see this link:


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Subject: Engineering Spec


I have a clause in a spec. that states 'Beam to column moment connections
shall not be designed with a haunch unless otherwise noted on the drawings."

Can someone define 'haunch'?

This project is in Texas if that makes a difference.


Dave Lowen

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