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RE: Frost Depth in McCall Idaho

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Actually its the deer that like our grass and trees.  I'm never quite ready when I walk out of the office to go the house - still (in my mind) working on something - just like the rest of you!    It's gotten so there's at least one of the herd (max six) who will stare (and maybe challenge) during my short journey.

A little secret for those (who I happen to know are quite a few) who have a similar setup:  I don't have a house phone in the office and I don't have a office phone in the house.  Also, my wife won't let me bring my laptop into the house where I can access the net with our LAN.

But we've been in this location for 16 years (were only going to stay here two years), and if they don't build houses on the meadow across from our property with a fairly good size herd of cattle, we'll be here forever.  

Gotta get back to work.

Neil Moore, SE, SECB

At 09:55 AM 7/25/2006, you wrote:
Great commute when the worst of your concerns is spilling your coffee!
Paul Feather PE, SE

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Subject: RE: Frost Depth in McCall Idaho
Well, it's going on 35 years for me and I've got a 30 foot commute to my office.  (Called "shack" by my wife, called a "studio" by an architect that came by a couple of weeks ago.)

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Subject: RE: Frost Depth in McCall Idaho
Well, I feeing better today, so I won't pick on you for a while.

I wish I could ?fee better.? Maybe I?d still be self-employed!