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RE: Log Beam-Girders

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ICC had a code committee conference call on the log structure code today and the committee did not like the wording of my comment to include a R=6 based on the empirical evidence from the Mentasta earthquake that log structures perform as well as light frame structures.
Part of the logic was that codes used to be written in smoke filled rooms but they are now determining R values based on science and not empirical evidence - so if you are not grandfathered in you are hosed unless a PHD wants to quit studying nonlinear high rise behavior and take on a more fascinating subject like log homes.
They did say they would put my comments and somebody else who had similar comments in the commentary. 
EERI had an article after the Mentasta earthquake that mentions on page 8 that log homes had only minor damage and more would have been expected with an earthquake of this magnitude:

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Haan, Scott M POA wrote:
What ICC and ASCE 7 needs is a response modification factor R value for stacked horizontal log bearing walls with drift pins, threaded rods or spike shear connections.  The rest is mechanics of materials and structural analysis.

Amen to that. Maybe there's a PhD thesis somewhere in there for an enterprising soul.

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