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[Q] Moisture through capillarity - prevention/cure products?!?

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I apologize if some of you have already seen this in groups' posting, but I am 
desperately looking for a lead of some sort... here is the question:
During a recent trip to Europe I have stumbled upon the following solution
(first link is the original French-language web site, from the company in
Belgium, while the following two links are the English translations for
the specific product I am interested in):

(if the links wrap, you may have to "put them back together")

Here is my question: as I personally have absolutely no experience
and knowledge in the area, I was wondering if someone knows of similar
solutions available in the US, and - of course - if they'd be kind enough
to point me to the company(ies) supplying such. In addition to this, I was
interested if there was such a solution for concrete (the Belgian solution
is limited to bricks).

NOTE: A Civil Engineer that I know, working in approx. this field, has
pointed me to:

which it is not what I am looking for, as the product I am interested in
has almost microscopic (capillarity level) capabilities, while the epoxy
is a mcaroscopic (cracks-level) type of product (the way I understand the


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