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RE: Rho factor for wind and gravity loads?

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I appreciate all of your responses. Please don’t misunderstand the motives behind my question, though.


I wasn’t necessarily advocating the creation of a rho factor for wind forces or gravity loads. I was merely questioning the apparent inconsistency (to me, at least) in the logic of codifying the requirement of redundancy for seismic forces, but not for wind (or even gravity).


Paul, thanks for the update on what the current code requires w/r/t the “detailing for the lower bound seismic” including the application of the rho factor. Please forgive me. . . I am out here in backwards California and not quite up to speed on the 2003 / 2006 IBC yet (hopefully I will be by 2007, though).


So it sounds like the consensus is that because of the inelastic behavior and the need for alternate load paths, the concept of redundancy has only been codified for seismic forces.


I guess this is a little bit off subject, but does anyone know (by chance) how the concept of redundancy is addressed with the design of blast-resistant structures? It would seem that structures subjected to blast forces would have the same inelastic behavior and the need for alternate load paths, thus also having the need for additional redundancy. Has this need for redundancy been codified (or will it be codified) in the same fashion as it is for seismic forces?


Thanks again.


Steve Mickelson, PE, SE, LEED AP