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Re: [Q] Moisture through capillarity - prevention/cure products?!?

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Thank you for replying - I guess (not being in the specialty) that for 
me "cracks" would be something related to defects of a larger magnitude/size, 
whereas capillarity upward moisture path being something inherent to the 
brick material - thus one needing (possibly) a different solution than the 

Please look at the following:

then - in the menu on the left side please click on: Humidite 
ascensionnelle --> then please look at the first picture, then click through 
the items thusly revealed in the center (starting with "Origine de l'humidite 
ascensionnelle"). Do all these look like a product and methodology that could 
be addressed via epoxy, and - if so - who could provide the entire process 
capabilities (equipment and substances)?

Thanks again,

On Wednesday 26 July 2006 13:25, Polhemus, Bill wrote:
> -----Original Message-----
> ...the product I am interested in has almost microscopic (capillarity
> level) capabilities, while the epoxy is a mcaroscopic (cracks-level)
> type of product (the way I understand the issues).
> -----/Original Message/-----
> Not sure what you mean by "microscopic" vs. "macroscopic" in this
> context, but there is no one, generic form of epoxy crack-injection
> material. There are products specifically formulated for "capillary
> level" crack bonding.
> Look, for example, at Sikadur Crack Fix
> (, and
> similar products with very low viscosities and high bond strengths.

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