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RE: 3x4 Shear Wall Studs

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Actually, I’m trying to help build something beautiful.


Code shear wall values have a basis in testing and I’m looking to consider some of the parameters which help establish these values.


Barry H. Welliver


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Sent: Wednesday, July 26, 2006 10:59 AM
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Subject: Re: 3x4 Shear Wall Studs


Your epiphany on this subject will be unhappy news for the millions of  2x4 shearwall (in & out of, the labs) :o)
Why do you ask the question? Are you trying to build something goofy?  As you know, all the code shearwall values are emprical.
Chuck Utzman, PE

Dave Gaines wrote:

For plywood shear walls the plywood needs to be nailed a minimum of 3/8 inch from the edge.  So does the stud.  There should be a 1/8 inch space between panel edges for expansion with moisture.  You can not get this edge distance and spacing with a 1 1/2", 2x stud.  For proper edge distance and adequate nailing for a plywood shear wall you need to use a minimum of 3x4 studs at the panel edges.  The table calls for nominal 2x studs.  For higher shear loads you need 3x4 studs, per the shear wall nailing table.

Dave Gaines

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Subject: Wood Shear Wall Studs < 2x4


Anyone aware of information regarding shear wall construction with studs less than 2x4?


Barry H. Welliver