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Re: 3x4 Shear Wall Studs

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O.K. Setting aside the problem of tiedowns (potentially a major problem depending on the demand). The main source of deflection is at the edge nailing & I think there are a couple of  computer models that could allow you to consider other edge members--if you had test data for the load/deflection curve of  your proposed EN connections.  Of course then you'd have the problem of convincing a CBO that your system was capable of meeting the code's loading requirements.
Your best bet is as you suggested--try to find some actual test data for full sized walls under cycled loading that used smaller framing members.  Good luck.
Chuck Utzman, PE

Barry Welliver wrote:

Actually, I’m trying to help build something beautiful.


Code shear wall values have a basis in testing and I’m looking to consider some of the parameters which help establish these values.