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Re: log homes/ steel columns

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Driven rebar can be used, and the logs will grab them as they shrink. Butt & pass homes use lots of these pins. That's a squishy sort of logic when looking for actual capacity, though. (I've heard, though not directly observed, that logs with driven rebar pins settle very little).  Also, OlyLog fasteners are commonly used at cut ends, and have ultimate pull out capacities in the thousands of pounds. The heads of log openings (should be) are continuous for a good distance, as they have to span from corner to interior shear wall, or corner to corner in order to work properly for wind transverse loads. Logs structures do weigh more than light framing, so you do get a bit of extra "ballast" to hold things down in the absence of anything else. Log walls can weigh in excess of 250 plf, and there are often large, heavy roofs associated with them.

Of course, like other residential, there are non-calculated items like jamb nailers which are as large or larger than most jamb studs and are screwed into the logs. They're put in with slip joints, but they're not "loose" it takes a couple thousand pounds of long term settlement force to slip.

Andrew Kester, PE wrote:
Log Cabins:
Speaking of log cabins, how are lateral loads transferred at jambs of openings? Are vertical members used? On Discovery/TLC shows they just seem to cut the openings, and maybe put in a steel rod or something but it is not like a wood frame house where you have double king studs at the jambs to take that lateral load....  You don't see too many of them down here in FL, I probably because of the rain, humidity, and bugs...
Andrew Kester, PE
Lake Mary, FL
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