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Re: Rho factor for wind and gravity loads?

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You might do some research into British engineering sources. I am going strictly by memory. There was an explosion in a corner apartment of a multi-storey apartment building in the 60's, caused by natural gas or propane. The apartments above all pancaked down, taking out the corner of the building. If I remember, this was attributed to lack of redundancy, with calls for code provisions for redundancy in future structures. I think the apartment building was called Rowan's Point or something like that.
Gary Hodgson

Steve Mickelson wrote:


I guess this is a little bit off subject, but does anyone know (by chance) how the concept of redundancy is addressed with the design of blast-resistant structures? It would seem that structures subjected to blast forces would have the same inelastic behavior and the need for alternate load paths, thus also having the need for additional redundancy. Has this need for redundancy been codified (or will it be codified) in the same fashion as it is for seismic forces?

Thanks again.

//Steve Mickelson, PE, SE, LEED AP//

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