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Re: Effect of swimming pool on retaining wall

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        I'm definitely talking about what MIGHT happen.  I've only designed public pools.  These have usually been 25 meter competition length or 100 ft non competition pools about six lanes wide.  residential (shotcrete) pools are usually designed by the subcontractor without benefit of engineering consultants (these are the ones that "pop out" due to improper design against buoyancy).
        If one were designing a 50 meter by 12 lane competition pool one would almost certainly design under drainage (with backup probably) to resist buoyancy.
H. Daryl Richardson
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Subject: RE: Effect of swimming pool on retaining wall

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        Hold on there, Bill.  I don't agree with your last statement.


        If you have any shrinkage or swelling at all the soil adjacent to the pool may actually shrink away from contact with the pool wall leaving no support for the wall whatever.



With respect, I think you?re talking about what MIGHT happen. I?m talking about design intent.


I?m not sure it would be economically feasible to count on full structural support from the pool walls. Now, if the designer doesn?t make correct assumptions regarding the surrounding soils?or if the contractor doesn?t do what is required as far as backfilling?I agree the things you cite may occur, but I would suggest that it is cheaper to put ?good stuff? in for the soils than to provide a concrete shell to fully resist the loads.