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Vibration - Office Floor Guidelines

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I am designing an office building, something I used to do a lot in the past.  My typical design for buildings that do not require a fire rated floor assembly is to use steel bar joists at about 30 inches on center, 9/16 corrugated form deck and a 3 inch total slab thickness.


I’m using AISC Design Guide 11, “”Floor Vibrations Due to Human Activity” and having a hard time coming up with a system that satisfies the 0.5% g value for office floor vibrations.  In my study girders seem to have a greater influence than the joists.  My girder sizes were getting extremely large.


Are there typical slab thicknesses and joist spacing that others have found that make it easier to meet the 0.5% g value?  I know a lot of the vibration influence has to due with the spans of the joists and girders.  Should girders be having such a large impact on my design, or is it possible I’m doing something wrong in my calculations?  Do others find that girders are the main influence in vibration?  I was wondering if a different slab and deck configuration, along with joist spacing is more conducive to reducing the ‘%g’ vibration value.


Thanks for your help.