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RE: swimming pools

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And I go to bed almost every night wondering why I got into buildings.  
It's not the design part; it's the having to deal with all the 
people-architects, contractors, sub-contractors, drafts-people, 
customers, building officials (especially building officials up here 
with the new bs act) and even the concrete truck drivers.  Makes you 
want to become a hermit.

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Buildings are a commodity, like cars (or toilet paper). There are at
least two metal building manufacturers that advertise on the radio here
in Houston, similar to what a car dealership does.

People don't want to hear about "complications." "I've been doing this
for twenty-seven years and I've never had to deal with ______!"

I did mostly foundations because of the market here--most of the small
retail-type buildings, even churches or daycare centers or whatnot, are
metal building "guts" with frou-frou cladding thrown over. Architects
and engineers are not required, and no building code applies. But even
the builders know that they can't get bonding or a transferable warranty
without an engineered foundation.

But still, I'd have contractors starting up with the "I've been doing
this for twenty-seven years..." bit, because I had this silly quirk
about designing the foundation in accordance with accepted standards.

I don't miss any of it.

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