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RE: Re: swimming pools

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Having said that, I recently recommended some value-engineering on  a
one story supermarket big box that had footings that were completely and
obviously oversized.  I queried the engineer about his load estimates
and the footings came back reduced about 70%. So mistakes do happen.

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Yes, and also your opinion can be emphatically in the minority, even
though you're convinced you're right.

EX: I once did a visual inspection of some structural supports that
exhibited a good deal of visible cracking consistent with overload. The
cracks showed up in the areas where you'd expect maximum shear and
flexural stresses.

This bothered me greatly, because I'm not used to seeing this on e.g.
bridge piers, which undergo the same sort of loading as this particular
facility. I made a brief report, and in transmitting it via email used
the term "life-safety concerns." The **** hit the fan over that one.

Many people (and the brothers and sisters thereof) objected on the
grounds that that this meant "imminent failure," and how could I say
that without being 100% sure. My reply was "how many times have you seen
abrupt failures where no one knew beforehand that the failure would
occur? How can you say without thorough investigation that this is not
an incipient problem? Why not err on the side of caution in this case?"

My name is still "mud" in certain quarters, but I stand by my opinion.

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