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Wind Load on Solar Panels w/ Supports ASCE 07-05

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I am using ASCE 7-05 provisions to check the uplift load of a 60'x11' solar panel supports.
It is about 50' above ground and 2' above the roof on 18-degree slope.
Wind speed = 85 mph
qs = 22 psf.  (eq 6-15)
Consider it is "Other Structure" so I use 6.5.15 with equation 6-28.
G= 0.85 and Cf = 1.6 from figure 6.22
F =qz*G*Cf*Af     eq 6-28
I got the F = 19,725 pounds
Do I just take a cos of (18 degree)  = 0.951 to get the uplift or am I totally on the wrong track?
Sam Chang