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Re: Steel deflection track on wood walls

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Simpson makes connectors to do just what you want. The use them under long span roof trusses to allow the trusses lift and settle with changes in moisture content. They also recommend the first drywall fastener be (16? 18?) inches away from the wall-ceiling joint to allow the ceiling boards to flex. The designations are STC/DTC/STCT/HTC4. They're made to fasten to the side of a truss chord, so there may be some blocking issues to contend with on a WF shape.


Jim Wilson wrote:

How is a wood partition wall detailed such that it cannot accidently act as a bearing wall? I'm contemplating a steel deflection track over the top of the wood wall. I'm sure it would work, but the carpenters might ask why I missed something obvious. The top of the wall sets directly under a parallel steel beam. Jim Wilson
Stroudsburg, PA

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