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Non-comp beams in a composite floor

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Okay, so here's a bonus question on composite floor design:

If you have a beam which doesn't need to develop composite action for the post-construction loads, should you put studs at the minimum spacing (30-36" usu), puddle weld the rest of the deck (to get the 18" max spacing), and call it a day, or should you not indicate any studs at all and just puddle weld the deck. Cost would seem to favor the latter. Is there a good reason to put these "dummy" studs in a project, especially since their inclusion might end up making the failure mode more brittle in nature?

The reason I ask is that I'm looking at a project which probably has 30% of the beams with few enough studs that they should be considered non-composite, and a few spot checks show the beams work non-composite.


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