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Re: Galv bolts with bare steel

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I would tend to think this would not be an issue, as galvanic action requires some dielectric medium in which to work - normally, that's water (natural water, of course).  Your application sounds like it will be dry for it's entire service life and, with the exception of casual humidity levels, there will be no medium in which galvanic action can occur.  Still, I don't know of specific case histories to base my answer on.

Polhemus, Bill wrote:

Personally, I think that was probably smart. And if there was a problem with dissimilar metals between the unfinished steel and the galvanizing on the bolts, wouldn’t that be true for the zinc and the “raw” bolt material beneath?


(I admit ignorance).


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Does anyone know of any problems concerning the use of mechanically galvanized bolts with raw unfinished steel to be spray on fire-proofed.

For simplicity on a complicated project we called for mechanically galvanized bolts everywhere instead of getting surprised during construction as to where the galvanized bolts are actually installed.



Kenneth Paquette P.E.

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