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Regarding the primary tension reinforcement in corbels,
ACI 318-02, 11.9.6 prvoides requirements for anchoring the primary tension reinforcement.  Item (b) states "By bending primary tension bars As back to form a horizontal loop"
The AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications (3rd Edition) says in the commentary that the anchorage for developing reinforcement may include:  "Bending the primary bars down to form a continuous loop"
The way that I read this is that ACI requires a continuous loop in the horizontal plane while AASHTO requires the continuous loop to be in a vertical plan.  Am I reading these sections correctly?  Does each method offer some advantage over the other?
FWIW, I need to develop the primary tension reinforcement without welding, so the structural weld to a transverse bar is not an option for my application.

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