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Re: MASONRY: Epoxy Adhesive Embedment into Grouted Cells

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I don't think you'll be able to do that, Bill.  That type of inference would require engineering judgment.

;-)   (just in case you couldn't feel the poke in the ribs)

Polhemus, Bill wrote:

I’ve got kind of a weird case, here, and I’m not sure what I ought to specify.


We’ve got an 8” CMU wall where the lower three or four courses are grouted solid to form the stemwall of a strip foundation. The remainder of the wall is grouted only in the reinforced cells, every 32 inches.


The building is a single-story “big box store” type. We need to add some vertical reinforcement in the wall, from bottom to top, actually through the bond beam and up to the top of the parapet. This will include epoxying bars into the solid-grouted cells at the base of the wall.

The building code is IBC 2003. I was looking at using Hilty HIT HY-150 adhesive. However, looking at the Evaluation Report (CLICK HERE), for reinforcement it only covers embedment into concrete. It does cover embedded items into grouted masonry, but only anchor-rods and various other embedments, NOT reinforcement.


I’m rather loathe to specify the HIT HY-150 without a SPECIFIC Evaluation Report application documented. Does anyone have any insights to offer? Are there other products I might specify that WOULD be covered by a code ER?

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