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RE: HDPE Plastic sheet

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I am not sure I understand the detail you are talking about, However HDPE does creep a good deal.  Is the HDPE attached to the concrete wall with locking studs like "AGRU Sure-Grip" or "GSE StudLiner"?  The studs lock the HDPE liner to the concrete wall like the "Ts of Ameron's T-Lock", this would eliminate creep of the HDPE.  Both of these companies make a 5 mm liner of HDPE which is used to line concrete tanks with acidic environments.  Both manufactures have web sites for additional information.  One of the best qualities of HDPE is it can be welded much like steel.  One of the bad qualities of HDPE is you can not glue to it.
Acie Chance
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Subject: HDPE Plastic sheet

I have a client who is proposing hanging a series of (approx wt 12 lb) granite tablets onto an HDPE 1/4" thick sheet, which in turn is attached to a concrete backing.  The problem is that holes will be cut out of the sheet to allow future access into the spaces behind the sheet.  The project is an extension to an existing cemetary columbarium, and the spaces are ashes urn cubicles.
I don't know this product yet, and I am addressing the issue of long term creep/deformation in the screw/bolt holes.
Does anyone have experience with this stuff as a "structural" element.

Thor Tandy P.Eng MIStructE
Victoria, BC