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Re: Joist Girders As Spandrel Beams

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No, there is no reason why they wouldn't work at both. Your connections might be a little cheaper by using WF beams at the floor since they wouldn't require built up seats sticking out of the columns like the joist girders will.

On 8/11/06, Rich Lewis <seaint03(--nospam--at)> wrote:

They would be at both levels if I used them.  Is there any reason I would use them at one and not the other?





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Subject: Re: Joist Girders As Spandrel Beams


Are your joists and joist girders at the floor or roof?



On 8/10/06, Rich Lewis < seaint03(--nospam--at)> wrote:

I have done very little work with joist girders so I have a design question.  I am doing preliminary design on a two story office building.  I am looking at an option clear spanning about 44 feet with LH joists at 5 ft. + on center.  This is the width of the building so the joist supports are also spandrel beams.  The exterior is metal stud with EIFS or some other finish.  It may even eventually be metal stud with a brick veneer.  The studs will span from foundation to roof, bypassing the floor for vertical support, getting only lateral support.  I initially planned on using wide flange steel beams to support the LH joists.  Someone suggested using joist girders.  I can't say I ever saw joist girders used as spandrel beams.  Usually the Wal-Mart's or Home Depots have concrete or masonry load bearing walls where I've seen joist girders used.  Is it practical or feasible to use joist girders as spandrels with a curtain wall system?  What cautions are recommended if I do consider it?


Thanks for your help.