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RE: MASONRY: Epoxy Adhesive Embedment into Grouted Cells

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Sorry Bill, you are right.  As I said, I was running out of the office.  The table I was talking about was directly below the “rebar in concrete” table in the catalog.


If you find something or talk to Hilti or Simpson and they give some advice please pass it along.  They may be able to give directions due to their testing.  I have run across this question before.


I know you are looking for actual tables, but I would think that using rebar with the threaded rod tables would be o.k.  I would think that the failure in the CMU tables is probably (I don’t know for sure) a CMU failure.  Using something with greater tensile strength than the threaded rod would not make a difference.  Note the CMU tables for Simpson state “Based on CMU Strength”.


One time I did call Simpson because their tables for rebar dowels in concrete have values for tension load due to steel strength and specify grade 60 rebar.  I was pretty sure that a ratio of that strength using grade 40 dowels would be O.K.  Maybe sounds like a dumb question, but I ask them anyway.  They checked their testing and said my assumption was good.


Anyway, good luck.




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Thanks, Joe. But actually, looking HERE, they have only values for THREADED ROD in CMU block, unless there’s something else I’m not seeing.


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Simpson makes an epoxy adhesive.  I think it is “ET Epoxy-Tie Adhesive”.  Actually, I’m looking at it real quick as I am going out the door as soon as I finish this reply.  It appears to have tension and shear values for rebar in grout filled block.  The values aren’t very high though. If you require published values, you may want to spec the Simpson adhesive.