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CUREE W30 Recommendations for Earthquake Resistance in the Design and Construction of Woodframe Buildings

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It appears that the CUREE.Org server is down. I am trying to locate a copy
of their publication W30 "Recommendations for Earthquake Resistance in the
Design and Construction of Woodframe Buildings." The main website appears to
be down as I have tried to access the appropriate page through their listed
web address and using Goggle Cache to obtain the document. Since both he
main page and the specific link to he document page is not working, I must
assume their server is down.

I am in dire need for this documents #W30. Does anyone have a recent copy of
he document that hey can e-mail me on a rush basis? I assume that there is
no charge for the document on the CUREe website but the URL indicates a
secure page. This could be that there is a charge document in which case
please ignore my request. However, if this document is available as a free
download from their site and one of you has saved a copy, can you e-mail it
to me at dennis.wish(--nospam--at) as soon as possible. I have reported that I
am rewriting the MultiLatT spreadsheet and need to understand a few issues
that S.K. Ghosh, PhD has referenced.

Thank you in advance,

Dennis S. Wish, PE
California Professional Engineer
C-41250 Exp. March 31, 2007
Structural Engineering Consultant.

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