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Re: ot - Las Vegas

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I went there about 4 years ago and I enjoyed myself. I stayed at the mandalay bay and my reservation was overbooked so I got bumped up to the 65th floor suite.... now when I walked up, I knew it was a pretty good size building, but no where near 65 stories tall...they have a "unique" floor numbering system there, nice suite too... but anyway, it's hard not to be impressed by most of the structures in vegas. The Luxor is cool from outside and inside and similar to the Hyatt regency in San Francisco where each story above sticks out further toward the center of the building the higher you go up.

A must is going to the Stratosphere and get on the ride that shoots you upward. Unfortunately for me, I had to take off my glasses and couldn't appreciate the view on the ride (and I was scared shitless for the first time in my life on a roller coaster), but it's really high up there and you can see everything. I even ate lunch there and sat 2 tables away from Vanilla Ice and his family (in the presence of Royalty I was)... Just walk down the strip, go into the venician, look at the eiffel tower (reduced scale), roller coasters on New York... all the usual touristy stuff, it's cool from a structural perspective.

If you aren't a gambler, go to old vegas where you don't have to fork over so much just to play and you won't lose your shirt like I did in less than an hour playing at the big places on the strip. That way you can play a little bit and not worry so much on every 20 minimum hand of black jack.

If you're a sports fan, going to a sports book can be a fun experience and hang out with degenerates heavily liquored up, from all over, rooting for their college or hometown NFL'll never cheer so hard for Buffalo Bills or whatever teams you spend 10 bucks on a parlay.

I spent 2 days there and that was good enough, but would like to go back for another weekend sometime soon.

Have fun,

On 8/12/06, Gary L. Hodgson and Assoc. <ghodgson(--nospam--at)> wrote:
I am going to Las Vegas, albeit reluctantly, for a week-next Wed.  It's
vacation.  But I say reluctantly, because I have a lot of work to do and
I don't like hot temperatures--another couple talked us into meeting
them there.  It's my first time, so I would appreciate any tips on what
to see.  I am not that much into gambling nor do I know any structural
engineers who are, but I am told I will like the structures.  For that
reason, I am looking forward to it and a chance for a breather, and
maybe to discover some new beers.  TIA

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