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RE: Level of Detailing

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Thanks Dave…


Some of the wisest advice ever posted on this list.


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Subject: RE: Level of Detailing


When work is scarce, you sometimes have to eat “those” kind of sandwiches but a half a mill is a triple decker.


I try to maintain a philosophy that I can go fishing for free, why waste the day working for free. I have clients who have a history of paying, and paying on time. As for the others, I only accept work from those who don’t owe me money. I also remind those that do that I will bid one more job to them when the last one is paid in full.




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Subject: Re: Level of Detailing


If you think that is surprising, the last place I worked we sometimes would not get paid at all. One architectural company owed us half a million from previous projects at one time. Where I am now is a lot better because we also do a good bit of government work where the chances of being paid are 100% and we get to use our own architects on those.


I guess the thought was that some work is better than none at all and that some day we would eventually be paid. I had minimal influence on the clients we accepted and when we billed for changes.



On 8/12/06, dave lowen <jatech(--nospam--at)> wrote:




Dave Lowen

V 519 587 5797

F 519 587 5138

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And we don't always bill them for the changes because we want to keep them as our client.