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RE: Level of Detailing

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I agree (my office manager asks me why we don’t do this all the time)…

but the problem is that in the fairly close knit architectural

Community like we have in Chicago, by doing that, you quickly get

The rep as being “the guy who sues everybody over fees”


Rather file liens and lawsuits, I use the only commodity I have remaining at my disposal:


I just refuse to issue drawings.


(I actually have a provision in my contracts that allow me to withhold CDs, shops, etc…)


That seems to bring the most rapid response.



Additionally, I require a retainer on every project…it’s an excellent litmus test.


If a guy can’t write a $10k or $20k check, he sure as hell can’t write a $50 or $100k check.





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If you think that is surprising, the last place I worked we sometimes would not get paid at all. One architectural company owed us half a million from previous projects at one time.

Um, isn’t this sort of analogous to wearing a “kick me” sign on your back?


I trust there was some activity in small-claims court in this regard? J