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Cracks on Floor Slabs

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Hi All!
Cracks with maximum widths of 0.3mm or less at slab soffits and depths that goes through the slab are being repaired as surface cracks.  The location and direction of these cracks have a pattern with respect to slab reinforcement provided.  They say the cracks are due to shrinkage.  I noticed that the cracks on 240mm thick floor slabs appear where the bottom reinforcement provided is only 10mm diameter rebars spaced at 200mm (cracks perpendicular to these bars).  Would it be correct to conclude that these reinforcement is not enough which causes the cracks?  For other projects, we usually provide minimum reinforcement of 1.4/Fy (as in beams) for each face for both directions for 2-way slabs and flat slabs.  Is the correct method of repair should be by epoxy injection to fill the cracks completely?
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