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Re: More on level of Detailing

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These can be the worst if you don't know who the the builder will be. Due to price sensitivity, most of the residential goes out with notes and two (12 details/sht) sheets of details or less (that's two in addition to a sheet of notes, schedules, and typical found stuff). It all depends on how many crazy connections are critical to the structure. The first sheet is mostly basement stuff - you have to be careful with concrete in residential because out of 100 residential contractors, you might find one that has even heard of ACI318, much less read it. I do as little wood detailing as I can, except to call out special connectors and such, since most of the common connections are in the IRC. Framers and inspectors know the IRC, and if what's there works, just let it lie. Get a copy of the WFCM and browse through it and the IRC framing stuff. Get a feel for the normal capacities so you know when they're grossly inadequate for your task. Oh, and never underestimate the speed of using a plan note instead of drawing a detail for a simple callout.


erik gibbs wrote:

I am curious as to the number of detail sheets that other engineers send out for a job. I work for a small engineering company and our work consists of large custom homes and smaller commercial bldgs. For example say that you had a 2 story single family home with a total floor area of around 6-8000 sf. In general how many detail sheets would you use? We have 2 general details and the PE realy does not like it when I draw specific details. I am just trying to get a sense of what I should be doing because this is the first job I have had out of school.

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