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Re: Level of Detailing

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I would say that the fee for a particular scope of work is irrelevant in determining the amount of detail required. The fee is also determined by the scope, in theory, and delineated in the contract (we all use those on every job, right?). Still, there are many smaller jobs that the scope is determined by the available fee, and it's my opinion that having a structural engineer on the job for part of the work is better than not having one at all. Sure, I'd like a full fee on every job I touch, but I figure that even a review (we don't have plan reviewers here) is better than none.


Daryl Richardson wrote:

I think the fee for the job is irrelevant in determining the amount
of detail required on the drawings.  Even if you do the job free you are
still responsible for doing it right. If a litigation develops the courts
will not give any consideration whatever to the fee you charged!!


H. Daryl Richardson

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