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Re: More on level of Detailing

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I have wording in my contract stating things, but not to the very specifics that "Architectural plans shall show the size, location and orientation of windows, doors, skylights" etc...

Clients often assume that because they can obtain a planning approval (and sometimes not even that has been completed) that the drawings are satisfactory to hand over to an engineer for 100% complete drawings. When you start asking questions, answers like to be given verbally which simply doesn't cut it. When that client suddenly "forgets the conversation or I said X not Y" and it's not on any piece of paper to be found, it puts our necks in the guillotine.

Clients in a rush to meet some deadline is the big problem for me. They haven't thought out the architecture enough, so when I ask questions and make info requests in the form of "Give me a section showing what is going on here", things suddenly mushroom into more work for me and/or insufficient response from the client creating delays. Clients think that their project is the only one on your desk, then when they suddenly produce the answers you need, you are supposed to drop everything and go back to their project.


On 8/15/06, Michel Blangy <mblangy(--nospam--at)> wrote:


 >   I made assumptions that information would be provided by the client and it wasn't, so it turned out to be not profitable, 


This has been my biggest problem. Some architects and most "designers" come in with pretty pictures and expect me to make the thing constructible. I have tried contract clauses requiring what I deem to be essential architectural information, i.e. building elevations, sections, etc.., in an attempt to push them to visualize the design a bit and control changes down the road to protect myself from the scenario you mention. I am typically accused of being unreasonable.

Does anyone else require a specific amount of architectural info upfront?

Michel Blangy