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RE: Shop Drawing Review

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I would review the shop drawings and make any revisions necessary.  When you are out there doing your structural observations, take a look at what has been installed and see if it is what was indicated on the shop drawings.  Since the client and contractor is a good one.  I would kindly let them know of their mistake and make them aware that because of this mistake, some retrofit change may have to be implemented to accommodate any errors that you may catch during the shop drawing review.  Hopefully everything will work out and they actually installed the correct beam.


Good luck.


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Subject: Shop Drawing Review


I have received shop drawings for an element (Glu-Lam Beams) which have already been installed.


The client is a good one. The contractor is a good one. The owner is a good one. I suspect this is an honest mistake; I don’t believe that anyone is trying to pull a fast one.


Should I:


  1. Review the shop drawings,
  2. Reject the shop drawings or
  3. _____________________




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