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RE: Load Test

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ACI 318 Chapter 20 provides information on load testing.  We have load tested several structures and the following is general description.   One structure was a reinforced concrete joist and beam system of a 5 story structure built in the early 1900s.  It was built as an upscale apartment building guaranteed not to burn.  It was all concrete except the exterior walls were masonry.  It was reinforced with the Kahn reinforcing system.  Due to schedule constraints the owner did not want to wait while we did a literature search. 


There were two load tests performed.  All with water – a bathtub was built using wood studs and plastic liner.  The first test was limited to two of the concrete joists.  The bathtub was built above two joists.  Scaffolding was installed below the joists to mount the deflection measuring devices and also in the event of a failure to support the structure.  Deflections were measured with no load.  Water was added from a fire hydrant to 25% of the test load.  Deflections were measured.  I am not sure of the exact amount of time, but there was a delay before we added more water.  The deflections were monitored for 2 to 3 hours and then the water was increased to 50%.  Deflections were monitored until they stabilized and then increased to 75% of the test load.  Then it went to 90% and then final 100% of the test load.  At the full test load, deflections were checked every hour for a 12 hour period.  The water was removed and deflections were measured for 24 hours.  The test took a total of 2 to 3 days.


After the joists were tested a beam was tested in a similar manner.


If specific procedure is required please contact me and I will dig it out of our files.


My boss recently did a load test on a wood structure.  He simply had the contractor load a pallet jack and roll it around on the floor.  I did not agree with this.  First I thought it was dangerous to put concentrated wheel loads on a rotted floor board.  And secondly there were no information taken other than the wheel did not punch through the floor board.



Gary Loomis




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Hi to all,


    Can anyone direct me on the proper procedure of load testing of concrete slabs.

Some concrete compressive tests failed. Although our hammer rebound test passed. I am having some doubts regarding the adequacy of the slabs since it rained during pouring of some slabs.


Thanks in advance.



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