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Re: More on level of Detailing

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In a message dated 8/15/06 6:15:12 PM, bruckmandesign(--nospam--at) writes:
Typically, I'll meet with my engineer and work out vertical loading, shear, drag or diaphram issues at the prelim stage, and we will settle on a structural system and some generic sizing of vertical and lateral loads before I ever get to Design Development. That way, I know if I need something trick early on and can either design my way out of it or embrace it and run with it.  How Architects can design past the prelim stage without structural input is a mystery to me.

You sound like a dream to work with.  I've done work, mainly with unregistered designers, where the architectural drawings were *barely* schematic phase level, and the project either got into the building department, or in some cases all the way through construction, without decent architectural drawings.  On one infamous project on a complex home addition in Marin County (California), after much begging I finally got a glance at the "architectural drawings" and they were copies of my structural plans, marked up and retitled by the homeowner! I have a copy of an earlier letter from the building department to the owner demanding that he provide architectural drawings, and that's what he submitted, and they accepted them.  In another memorable situation the first plan review comments were:  "No comments on structural drawings or calculations.  Provide competent architectural drawings."  :)

Ralph Hueston Kratz, S.E.
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