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Re: above ground post-tension floor slab

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>>> markpemberton(--nospam--at) 8/16/2006 10:37 AM >>>
> I have a client who wishes to use a post-tension floor slab for a new
custom home.  Her lot is in a flood plane so the building pad
> needs to be built up 30 inches.  I was planning on using a tall strip
footing around the perimeter with an engineered fill to accomplish this.

> The slab is being designed by the soils engineer.  

If you tie the PT slab to the perimeter walls, I doubt the soil design
parameters - em, ym, friction coeff, etc will remain valid. It is
interesting to see that the soils engineer is designing the PT slab!!
So, the soils engineer should be deciding whether to rigidly tie it to
the perimeter wall or not. May be it is beneficial becaue edge lift is
reduced. If you must use dowels, consider dowels that allow contraction,
as in expansion joints, particularly near the ends to minimize

Suersh Acharya, S.E.

> What kind of connection from strip footing to post-tension slab is
typically used?  Are typical dowels OK or would the tensioning process
be problematic
> for this condition?  The soils for building up the pad are required
to be local material which is moderately to severely expansive, so I'm
not sure it's
> OK to not use any perimeter strip footings extending down into
undisturbed soil or not (creating a moisture break).  Thanks in
> Mark Pemberton, S.E.

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